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UIX Technologies

Leading the way in Digital Transformation and IT Solutions. We drive your business growth through Enterprise Applications, Cloud & Infrastructure Solutions.


Enterprise Applications

Through a focussed and strategic approach in enterprise applications, we are dedicated to provide services to be your leading partner for SAP implementation and Support. We provide uncompromising services in SAP, Digital solutions.


Cloud & Infrastructure

We are the right choice for your cloud and infrastructure needs, as we have the right resources with apt technology to drive ahead in this modern era. It includes virtual servers, storage, and networking from providers like AWS, Azure, and GCP.


Talent Solutions

Streamline your hiring requirements, enhance workforce management , and boost your company’s growth and development processes through our talent solution services. We enhance productivity through talent acquisition software’s, employee engagement platforms, and training programs.

Why We Exist

We exist to help our Customers through their ‘Experience Transformation’ journey to become an ‘Experience Enterprise’

How do We do it

We do it through deep Expertise in Stakeholder Understanding, Industry, Business Processes and Technology

What do We Offer

We provide services to Discover, Create and Sustain Value for our customers, currently through SAP and Salesforce Technologies


Our Services

What We Bring To You

Enterprise Applications

We provide consulting and services to discover, create and sustain value for our customers through SAP, Digital solutions.

Cloud & Infrastructure

We provide consulting and services to discover, create and sustain value for our customers through cutting edge Cloud and Infrastructure.

Talent Solutions

We provide Technology resourses to our clients and partners world wide to achieve their IT projects on a short term and long term.


Our Services

What We Bring To You

Enterprise Applications

UIX stands as your leading partner for SAP implementation and Support, specializing in tailor-made

Cloud & Infrastructure

Cloud & Infrastructure involves managing computing resources online for website hosting It includes services

Talent Solutions

Talent solutions streamline workforce management, recruitment, and development processes.

Saving & Investments

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Why Choose Us

We are the go-to partner for your IT solutions!

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, we have remained rigid in providing customized solutions, comprehensive support, and seamless integration in every project. We are ethical and transparent; our proven record of success speaks for us. Together, we can create a future that is innovative, efficient, and secure.

Financial & Consulting
Award 2019-2021
What we do

Our Industry Experience

Financial & Banking

Financial and banking industry is poised for further transformation. We have been an integral part in contributing to this highly demanding sector.


Technological advancements have revolutionized the logistics sector. We develop applications to meet increasing demands and exceed expectations.

Retail & ECommerce

Stay ahead by implementing customer-friendly applications that drive up your profits like never before. We ensure a smooth experience.

Health Care

Keep up with the fastest-growing sector with smart and innovative technologies, starting with AI-based applications.


Change the course of learning through our smart digital solutions. Be it offline or online, our digital solutions are perfect.


Move ahead towards sustainability and technical operations to enhance overall productivity and growth with AI applications.

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Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and personalized service has led to transformative outcomes across various industries.


Start with precision engineered IT solutions for your projects

We can create, deploy, and transform your projects to succeed beyond expectations. If you need Talent hiring solutions, cloud solutions, and enterprise applications, we are your partners for modern and smart IT solutions.